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Piece Quilted by:
Diana Johnston
Pattern from:
Little Brown Bird Book

Confetti Convergence
Piece Quilted by: Carol Taylor
67 x 51
All of the confetti shapes in large, medium and small circles and squares have converged into various groupings on a black background creating a game board effect. Tight, black on black echo quilting around the shapes fills the background area making the appliquéd shapes pop up.

Piece Quilted by: Carol Taylor
56 x 67

(Detail view)

Vibrations from the striking of a gong move outward in repeating patterns, just as my creative decisions for one quilt affect future work. The vibrations emanate from the lightest area and echo outward with darkening values and diminishing sizes. Each quarter circle motif is an original, individually cut and pieced, with four combined into a fractured gong. A square chopstick-like framework contains each gong; similarly, I contain or limit the challenges I assign myself, to provoke stronger compositions. Free-motions quilted circles heighten the illusion of resonating tones throughout the quilt. This quilt can be seen in Quilt National 2001.

Piece Quilted by: Carol Taylor
31 x 35

This piece uses elongates the motif and uses a mirror image of it in different colors, but maintains the values.

Piece Quilted by: Carol Taylor
78.5 x 48.5

Fontasia is a graphic designer's fantasy of letters and fonts in many layers, dancing around as possibilities for that next design project. From the large gothic letters that are pieced into the background, to the fancy fonts, or appliqued and painted brush stroke letters, the choices are many. A graphic designer's studio or print shop would be the perfect setting for this piece.
Techniques: thread painted appliques (made by using strictly a free motion zigzag stitch with no preprogramming at all), painting, piecing, free motion quilting, and original photocopied and painted font prints were also used within the design.
This quilt was awarded 2nd place Innovative Professional Wall Quilts at the American Quilting Society, Paducah, Kentucky in April 2000, and 2nd place Mixed Techniques at the International Quilting Association, Houston, Texas in November, 2000, and Judge's Choice at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Williamsburg, Virginia in February 2001.

Piece Quilted by: Carol Taylor
40.5 x 48

This abstract design suggests a red door shape that one can pass through as indicated by the lightening of the warm values and colors, laying on top of a light white and orange background that has subtle variations of confetti pieces at the top and a dark grouping of blues at the bottom. The piece is filled with quilting and embroidered squares and circles.

Piece Quilted by: Carol Taylor
16 x 34
Still using the mirror image, this piece elongates the motif even more.

Piece Quilted by: Carol Taylor
Using beautiful fabrics to do the work, this is the first rendition of the motif.


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