For those of you who think life is over at fifty, that's when mine began. I started dyeing fabric in September of l994 and sold my first fabric the day I officially got a license in October. That same month I turned fifty. By the beginning of l995, I was starting to sell at quilt shows and haven't stopped since. My business name, Just Imagination, was the result of a conversation with my youngest brother. I had no intention of selling just fabric. Now, fabric is all I want to market.

My dyeing was done in my mother and brother's pottery studio and for the first seven plus years, I worked around pottery, clay and kilns. In August 2001, I moved into my own house and have converted a garage into my dyeing studio. I had envisioned having a house with only one room being used for business, as it is, with three bedrooms, only the master bath is excluded from business usage. Oh well, that's success.

Most of the time in my home area, my fabric is referred to as Judy's fabric and quite a few of my friends and customers do not actually know my official business name. I am a sole proprietor and do all of the fabric dyeing, a large share of the ironing, and 95% of the shows and have a yard of the month club mailing. At this time, my daughter-in-law, Deborah, does my bookkeeping and handles the administrative portion of the club. Once in a while, with a bribe of Chinese food, my son Mike helps with the mailing. Always, without fail, my granddaughter, Jessica (2 ½), helps.